About us 

InterVista sp. z o.o. is a limited company with its head office in Szczecin, Poland.

The company operates Infoludek.pl - which is the most popular information and classified advertisement portal in Szczecin. The portal was founded in 1998 and since then it has been an undisputed leader on the local internet market. The city of Szczecin has a population of almost 400 thousand. The portal Infoludek.pl has over 200 thousand unique visitors a month.

In 2013 our company started a new portal inAfrica24.com , which is the first portal in Poland promoting business and culture in Africa. It is run in English and Polish.

InterVista Sp. z o.o.

InterVista limited company cooperates with selected partner companies in running computer projects – we share a common system of values. Our work is based on respect for everyone. We are open to everybody and to people’s needs. We believe that education and business are the means for improving the living standards. We support cooperation and we respect our partners and clients. This gives us the opportunity to offer the highest level of service.

Main values of InterVista limited company:

• passion for internet
• independence
• professionalism and commitment
• the highest quality of services
• honesty and reliability

Our portals :

Our partners :


ADVERTISING in portal infoludek.pl :

Joanna Chomko
mobile number : +48 88 392 0773
e-mail: reklama@infoludek.pl
phone number : +48 91 88 69 601
fax. +48 91 88 69 605


ADVERTISING in portal inAfrica24.com :

Mirosław Lewiński
Sales & Marketing Director
e-mail: business@inafrica24.com
phone number : +48 22 53 53 169
fax. +48 91 88 69 605


Apply today and join the group of our cooperators/partners. We are waiting both for individual applications and the companies offering outsourcing services.

Current offers of cooperation :

• fan page moderator for infoludek.pl
• fan page moderator for inAfrica24.com
• content moderator/ copywriter for inAfrica24.com
• sales manager in the Republic of South Africa
• sales manager in Nigeria
• wordpress developer/designer

Please send your questions about cooperation and/or CV to : praca@infoludek.pl or business@inafrica24.com. We answer only the selected enquiries.



InterVista Sp. z o.o.
ul. Żubrów 3
71-617 Szczecin, Polska
Email: intervista@intervista.pl
Phone number : +48 91 88 69 601
Email: poczta@infoludek.pl
Phone number : +48 22 53 53 169
Email: business@inafrcia24.com
Email: culture@inafrica24.com
Fax. +48 91 88 69 605
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.