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Who we are

We deal with promotion and marketing. We create dedicated websites. We promote companies and events. The first projects we created on the internet were launched already in 1998.

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jobfest.pl - our new project

Our latest project is a premium job platform - www.jobfest.pl. Candidates prefer companies that provide information on salaries and benefits, what the company does and what values it represents. On the jobfest.pl platform, we encourage companies to provide this information to find the best candidates. Jobfest.pl is promoted through events that help candidates find their place on the international job market.

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The fact that we are effective convinced companies such as British American Tobacco, Carrefour Poland, DGS Poland, Nixdorf Diebold, EMPIK, Expo Arena, Farmacol Group, KK Wind Solutions, Leroy Merlin, LM Wind Power, Metro Services, Nationale Nederlanden, Vestas.